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Blanik l13 maintenance manual

L Blanik Refurbished. Standard specification. See also our other offers in the Pre-owned Gliders section of our website. Click here to get there.

L Blanik Modified to remove the A. This modification will extend the service life of the L up to flight hours according to individual conditions. Price 15, EUR. This section applies to U. Factory training and factory-developed repair jigs are mandatory. The cost of acquiring the repair jigs: We offer two variants, A or B: A. The cost of training of your technician at the Blanik factory. The cost for one person is: EUR.

Duration of training: 5 days. The training covers theoretical as well as hands-on practice. See the detailed description of training in the table below. Training of your technician at the Blanik factory, description.

The above table may be sent to you. Following the factory training of your technician, it is possible to send a Blanik factory technician to your facility for example, for one month who would initially work with your technicians and show them the proper techniques. This, however, would not be a substitute for the initial training of your technician at the Blanik factory. The factory would charge for the cost of the factory technician depending on your interest and the duration of his stay at your facility, after a prior agreement.

The cost of material needed for one glider. The number of manhours needed to modify one glider. The basic modification requires up to manhours per glider. Also often other needed repairs need to be done, which increases the overall needed amount of labor.

Renovace kluzáku L-13 Blaník

A timetable when the training at the factory could take place. The earliest available date for training is from the beginning of August Click here for details. Since then almost Ls were made, and many of them are still flying all over the world. The two-seat, all-metal L became very popular due its durability, reliability, and ease of handling.Quick Links Download this manual.

Table of Contents. L Blanik 4. Manuel d'utilisation.

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Manuale di Istruzioni. The Red Bull name and likeness is used. For up-to-date product literature, visit horizonhobby.

Schleifen Sie das Ruderhorn an den Kontaktstellen etwas an. Togliere il nastro adesivo prima che la colla si indurisca completamente. Insert the control horn in the slot in the control surface.

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Glue the blocks Prepare the servo by centering the servo and preparing the servo horn. Tie the string located inside the wing around the end of the extension. At least 8 channels are required for correct operation.

Page 17 Connect the spoiler to a servo driver or your radio system and fully open the spoiler. Page 18 Apply a small amount of 5-minute epoxy to the retractable center portion Mount the spoiler to the channel in the wing using a 1 screwdriver. Fully retract the spoiler. Avoid getting Thread the three included self-tapping screws into the pre-drilled holes. Sand the mating surface of the wingtip to provide good adhesion.

Page 22 Apply 5-minute epoxy to the mating surface. Before the epoxy cures, use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove Use low tack tape to hold the wingtip in position while the glue cures. Use threadlock on all screws.

blanik l13 maintenance manual

Ensure the counter sunk screw holes face out. Secure the wheel assembly from inside the fuselage using four 3 x abgebildet in den Rumpf ein. Secure the wheel using the included M2 X 20 mm screw and lock nut.

Page 26 Apply minute epoxy to the hinges mounted in the rudder and the holes in the vertical stabilizer. Install the rudder hinges into the holes in the stabilizer and use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove any excess epoxy before it cures. Use lite-ply spacers as necessary to align the servo so the servo arm will be centered in the slot.SinceBlanik America has been committed to promoting soaring through providing customers with the best quality glider purchase packages, in addition to proven service supplying spare parts to Blanik glider owners.

Blanik America has delivered over two hundred gliders and trailers to satisfied customers in the U. Carry on with your good work. It was a great pleasure in dealing with such cooperative professionals. It has always been a pleasure dealing with you. The performance matches the Grob Stevens, Jr. I don't think it would have been possible without your precious help.

You can put our club on your list of satisfied customers. Wonderful service! Click on any underlined text for more. Our Mission: Promote soaring, serve sailplane users, and provide new equipment.

Blanik America, Inc. What do we do? We promote soaring through publishing a Newsletter, organizing Blanik Fun Meets, giving lectures at soaring conventions, and exhibiting new aircraft. Through education we help Blanik users extend the service life of their gliders. We sell new gliders, oversee their finishing at the factory, manage financial transfers, perform pre-shipment inspections, and arrange export crating and packaging.

We order, pay, and coordinate all overseas shipping, insurance, customs, and delivery to customers. We process FAA registration and coordinate airworthiness certification, supervise assembly and advise on the proper operation of the gliders. We perform after-sale warranty servicing, maintain factory bulletin update reporting, stock and ship original replacement parts, manuals, and accessories, and communicate with the overseas factory in their native language.

We actively participate in the sport of soaring. Endorsements "I am proud of all you have done for soaring in America. Illinois "It is efforts like yours BoxWenatchee WAU.It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease. Armed with state of the art technology, it always stays at the forefront of spam and abuse fighting trends.

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blanik l13 maintenance manual

Powered by: And. Easy for People Purposefully designed and actively aware. Hard for Bots Makinbg the Internet safer and faster.It is the most numerous and widely used glider in the world. The L was developed as a practical glider suitable for basic flight instruction, aerobatic instruction and cross-country training.

This design concept was combined with true and tested technology: metal construction, NACA laminar profiles and many standard-issue components of the Soviet aerospace industry. It was widely adopted in the Soviet bloc and was exported in large numbers to Western Europe and North America.

Total production was in excess ofor more than if variants are included. More than half a century after its first flight it is still the most common glider in the world. It has the same cockpit as the L23 Super Blanik with one piece canopy, the tail of an L13, and shortened L23 wings. As claimed by Blanik America, " the aim of the L13AC Blanik is to promote instruction in aerobatics, including recoveries from unusual glider attitudes.

The availability of this kind of glider, similar to the original Blanik, the most widely used trainer in the world, makes it possible for instructors to refresh their aerobatic skills, and to pass the confidence gained on to their students. The advent of the L13AC Blanik heralds more participation in glider aerobatics, and brings a boost to the sport of soaring.

A manufacturer airworthiness directive in June asserted a prohibition against all aerobatic manoeuvres. A newspaper reported the cause of the failure as excessive stress during a manoeuvre. As a precaution, the manufacturer issued an emergency bulletin on 18 June directing that each aircraft be grounded pending a full inspection of wing spars, and compilation of usage patterns from logbook records.

Following inspection, the aircraft would be permitted to fly on a non-aerobatic basis only. The Blanik has been owned and operated by individuals and gliding schools around the world. Some individuals club together to form syndicates to operate the aircraft. A small number have been operated by the military. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aviation portal.

blanik l13 maintenance manual

Retrieved Wilkinson Shenstone; K. Simons, Martin Let Kunovice and Aircraft Industries aircraft. Categories : s Czechoslovakian sailplanes Glider aircraft Let aircraft Forward-swept-wing aircraft Aircraft first flown in Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 French-language sources fr CS1 German-language sources de Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons.L13 Vivat Bulletins. FAA Airworthiness directives and Contact Blanik America for details. Illustrated spare parts manual Do-LAC Manuals and bulletins update subscription. MB elevator drive marking, to be done by the next annual inspection, Click here for the bulletin's full text and drawings.

FAA Airworthiness Directive Mandatory testing of AN fuselage-fin fitting, to be done no later than Dec. Click here for the bulletin's full text and drawings.

Checks for cracks at ribs and stringers in areas of wing skin joints at ribs No. July 14, Information bulletin - Repair of loose rivets, ribs and stringers at wing sections No. July 18, Determination of compliance of individual sailplane with L13A type design — verification of work range completeness, that have been performed on L13A and L13 sailplanes during a repair or a modification.

Sailplane service life and its further operation shall be assessed according to real range of performed modification. May 16, Check of the mechanical characteristics of the material of the upper and lower spar cap. This is now possible in the countries which are under the EASA oversight.

In May the FAA made a factory inspection visit. New L13AC- specific bulletins numeric series established. Maintenance manual update max.

Maintenance manual update addition to approved instruments and equipment. Maintenance manual update to periodic inspection list, placards, G-force monitoring unit.

Flight Manual update minimum equipment list. Maintenance manual update - inspection of the no. Information bulletin optional G-force monitoring unit to increase glider service life. Maintenance manual update - revisions to pagesand Procedure to increase glider service life Jan. Mandatory testing of AN fuselage-fin fitting, to be done no later than Sept.

Mandatory elevator drive marking, to be done no later than Oct. All L23s manufactured before and in Elevator rocker lever AN inspection. Mandatory Bulletin all L23s. Check of the control bridge at the place of gripping of control levers in the front and the rear cockpit to exclude the presence of eventual cracks.

Check of the inboard elevator hinges on the stabilizer area and their potential replacement. Reason: Appearance of cracks on the hinges.

March 4, ' December 14, Check the welded bracket AN located on the fin for cracks.

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